About Company :

We have started Our business since 1998 by producing industrial film & industrial animation and photos as major business activity. We are specializing in high_quality, non fictional features films. Over the last 9 years Sadrsazeh has produced industrial and educational film for the large national projects in Iran moreover we have received numerous awards form prominent festivals. Sadrsazeh company seeks to develop, create and produce factual documentary programming with integrity and style.It is proud to mention that our company played pioneering role in mixture of animation and documentary film in Iran.

The company driven by most experience engineers with cooperation of the stellar collection of artistic and technical leaders from wide range of background in film and animation production, computer graphic and information technology, many of them have been with the company since its inception. Furthermore in order to fulfilled our clients needs we have added some fields to our business works such as multimedia design, built up database response to Special needs.
Last of all one of the remarkable point which has makes our company remarkable through the other producer is commitment and accountability which has reflected in our works toward our clients.

Address : No.454 , Azadi ave., Tehran , Iran.

Phone : (+98 21) 66 08 48 62


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